Empowering People To Reduce Health Costs Through More Informed Choices

Employee choices matter. Harlowe empowers people to become better advocates of their own well-being by streamlining the process of finding quality, affordable healthcare.

Who We Support

We’re your resource for identifying economic healthcare solutions that reduce costs without sacrificing quality—staffed by experienced nurses and healthcare professionals.


Health plans can be one of the largest expenditures for businesses—and difficult for employees to navigate even at a high cost. That's why we strive to support employers with low-cost health options and personalized guidance. We help bring overall costs down and assist employees in finding the quality, affordable care they need.

Health Plan Administrators

Reducing costs and protecting revenue ultimately hinges on one important goal: keeping members healthy. We help get members what they need and reward them for choosing low-cost providers—to keep members happy and ease the impact on health plans and their bottom line.

TPA's & Health Insurance Brokers

Maintain and strengthen your relationships with employers, customers, and health plans. We help TPAs and brokers discover the keys to building and improving client retention: keeping costs down, keeping clients happy, and helping individually-insured employers save money with each employee member.

How Harlowe Helps

Provide One-on-one Guidance

Our nurses help members find the best service at the best price—and are always just a call away.

We’ll minimize the confusion that can come with navigating the healthcare system and find the solutions members need. We act as a consultant through every step of the process, breaking down logistical barriers by helping with rescheduling, transferring medical records, and other obstacles to accessing low-cost providers.

Stay Informed With Accurate Pricing

We said it once and we’ll say it again: cost-effective care starts with informed wellness choices—and having consistent access to accurate, up-to-date financial information is a crucial part of staying in-the-know.

We provide members with pricing data—refreshed monthly and derived from actual paid claims data—because healthcare pricing should never be a guessing game.

Keep Members Engaged With Cash Rewards

Finding quality, affordable healthcare alternatives is a win for members—one we believe deserves recognition.

When members choose a lower-cost provider, they’ll earn cash rewards based on the amount of savings associated with their decision, even if they have no out-of-pocket expenses. With this additional incentive for members to participate, it really does pay to stay healthy.

What Members Say

"Alicia was exceptionally knowledgeable about the answers to my questions—both from a clinical and cost standpoint. She was kind, patient and professional throughout, and diffused and corrected a very stressful situation. Alicia ensured that not only were the correct tests performed—but, she also likely saved me money from being charged for a "wrong" test (from computer system misinterpretation) and potentially the cost of a new and ‘correct’ test at a later time."

- Michael W.

"Janine was beyond helpful and helped me get the MRI I needed—not for $1200, but for $254! This is a tremendous saving for my wife and me, and I so greatly appreciated it. Janine worked to guide me through every step of the way with quick and clear communication! I would highly recommend this program!"

- Jeffey C.

"Danielle was so incredibly helpful! She was friendly and responsive when I reached out to her, and worked with my doctor's office until everything was resolved and I could schedule my procedure. With her help, I saved hundreds of dollars!"

- Anna-dora M.

Our Leadership

Lynne Wallace

Chief Executive Officer

I am a nurse with over 30 years of experience in a variety of settings including critical care, case management, and life care planning. After leaving the acute care setting, I learned that my passion was in developing companies that served a variety of populations, including those dealing with work injuries or their own health issues. Over the past 20 years, I have launched and developed two businesses to educate patients about their injuries or illnesses and assist them in finding the most timely, effective treatment at the best price. As CEO of Harlowe, I am incredibly proud of our team and the services that we deliver—and hope that the experiences of our patients reflect the passion we share about the work that we do.

For a long time, I wanted to be a software engineer—what I became before fate threw a curve ball and landed me in the Property & Casualty Insurance industry. There, I learned the ropes of a niche industry of Workers' Compensation Insurance, where it was impossible for me not to focus on how everyone accesses and utilizes healthcare. Now, as CIO at Harlowe, I love what I do: working at the nexus of technology, health insurance, and healthcare to tell data stories and build the platforms that nurses, clients, and patients use to navigate the seemingly unnavigable world of healthcare.

Chief Information Officer

Zach Lawson

I have been a member of Harlowe’s leadership as the CFO since its inception, with more than 30 years of experience as a CPA and CFO on my side. When not managing our financial planning and strategy at Harlowe, I act as the managing partner at Lekas Edgar & Company LLC, a CPA firm offering CFO consulting, tax and planning services. Additionally, I currently hold the position of Trustee of Trust funds for the town of Andover, NH. Over my 30 year career, I have held roles with J Edgar Group and KPMG.

Chief Financial Officer

Joanne L Edgar

We are caregivers, guides, nurses—and champions of efficiency, driven to become your trusted experts as you navigate the complex healthcare landscape to find alternative, cost-effective solutions.

We Make It Easy To Achieve Better Health Outcomes—For Everyone

When it comes to the well-being of employees—it's their health, their choice. Let's welcome them to the driver's seat together. Get in touch to learn more about finding a better way to shop for quality, affordable care.


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